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DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the genetic code that determines all the characteristics of humans and almost all other organisms. We inherit our DNA from our parents, and we each have a unique DNA profile.

Your DNA is what makes you who you are.  It is the code for everything about you, from your hair colour, to your tastes and preferences, to your sporting ability and personality, to your risk of disease. 

The human genome is composed of approximately 3 billion nucleotides (the building blocks of your DNA) organized into structures called chromosomes. On average, your DNA sequence is 99.9% similar to any other human, but even just a difference of 0.1% equates to about 3 million nucleotide differences! These differences are often just a single nucleotide change (known as a SNP) or variation in a short repeat section (known as an STR). But some changes affect a much larger region of DNA, when an entire section is added, deleted, inverted or duplicated, such as an extra copy of all or part of chromosome 21 in an individual with Down syndrome.  

Understanding your DNA can help you to identify health complications and select the best medication option. Knowledge of your genetic variation helps you to improve your health, lose weight, and optimize your nutrition and fitness. Your DNA is also the link to your family and all of your ancestors. DNA analyses can confirm a close biological relationship (e.g. paternity), or trace back through the generations to determine your origins and ethnic background.

Take a Genovate genetic test today to improve your own personal knowledge. Understand what makes you unique, where you came from and how you can tailor your lifestyle to work with your DNA. 

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