Service Terms & Fees

Additional Services

  • Replacement Kits: €3 per individual plus shipping
  • Additional Private Mailed Reports: €15 plus shipping
  • Basic Telephone Consultation: €15 (up to 10 minutes)

Delays for Turnaround Time

The routine turnaround time for DNA Relationship Tests is 1 to 3 working days from the date that the specimen is received by the laboratory. Longer turnaround times may apply for other DNA tests. As with any biological testing, specific situations may delay the testing process, including:

  • Poor sample quality. If the swab submitted to the laboratory has low amounts of DNA due to improper sample collection or poor mouth conditions (e.g. excessive drinking, chewing gum, dry mouth, heavy smoking), the turnaround time may increase or a recollection may be required.
  • Mutation. If a mutation is detected in the genes shared by the alleged biological family members (e.g. father and child), additional testing may be required.
  • Low paternity index. If the genes shared by the alleged father and the child are very common, a low paternity index may be obtained. In such a situation, additional testing may be required and will result in an increased turnaround time.
  • Incest or related alleged fathers. In cases of incest (i.e. where the alleged father is also the father or brother of the mother), or in cases where two or more possible fathers of the same child are closely related to each other (i.e. where the possible fathers of the child are father and son pairs or brothers), additional testing and analysis may be required and will result in an increased turnaround time.

The #1 priority of the laboratory is the quality of the testing and the absolute accuracy of the results. The turnaround time cannot be guaranteed if an exception is encountered, and the laboratory will not under any circumstances sacrifice the quality of the test in order to speed up the turnaround time.

Non-Compliant Samples

By submitting the sample, the customer agrees that it has complied with the sample collection instructions provided in the kit. If the customer does not comply with the sample collection instructions and a retest is required because of blatant or deliberate non-compliance, the customer may be required to pay an additional fee.

If we discover prior to testing that your samples are non-compliant because you did not follow the collection instructions (e.g. swabs in bag, mouldy swabs, insufficient number of swabs), we will attempt to notify you and ask you whether you would like us to proceed with testing the noncompliant sample or whether you would like to recollect your sample.

  • If you choose to proceed and test the non-compliant sample, there is no guarantee regarding the quality of the results or whether any results can be obtained. The results will be reported “as is”. There will be a €65 charge per person if a resample or retest is required.
  • If you choose to recollect the sample, the replacement kit is €3 per individual (plus shipping), and will allow you to repeat the sample collection.
  • If we do not have an email on file for you, or if we do not receive a response from you within 2 days after a notification is posted to your account online, we may opt to proceed with testing the non-compliant sample under the terms specified above.
  • If you forgot to sign your consent form, there is a €10 processing fee per individual to send another consent form to you for return by fax or email. Written reports and emails cannot be released without a signed consent form.

Mutations (Discovered during DNA Relationship Testing)

Mutations in the DNA analyzed for relationship testing are rare, but are detected in approximately one in 500 individuals. If a mutation is detected in the DNA of an individual tested, it may sometimes not be possible to obtain a conclusive result. The mutation will be indicated in the results report and the report will be issued “as is”. In the case of a motherless test, you have the option to test the mother for €65 to increase the resolution of the test. The resolution of the test can also be increased by running additional markers for €65 per person. In such situations, the additional testing may be able to achieve a conclusive result in mutation cases but there is no guarantee. If the child is male, you will also have the option to order a Y-DNA test to help resolve the mutation situation.

Methods of Payment Accepted

The following methods of payment are accepted:

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

Payment must be made in full before the results of the DNA test are released to the Customer.

Cost of Testing

The cost of the testing is set at the time of the order. Additional testing at a later date will be at the current rate on the date of the additional order.

Informed Consent

By submitting a sample for analysis, the customer warrants that it has the right to take and submit such samples for DNA testing and that it provides Genovate and its testing laboratory with authorization to conduct the DNA testing on the samples. By submitting a sample for testing you warrant that either you are the owner of the sample or have full authority by the owner of the sample to submit the sample for testing. Minors must have approval and consent from their legal guardian.

DNA Sample Consumption

Once a DNA sample is submitted to the laboratory, it will be consumed for the purpose of the DNA test. The sample will not be returned to the submitter.